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Connect PRKL is committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate and working responsibly with our Business Partners managing our environmental impacts and social commitments.


We prioritize sustainability in the ways in which we operate, and we review and assess the business partners we work with to guides us and support our initiatives. The basic fundamentals of protecting the environment and be “green” serve as an important reference when deciding how best we organize our events and we tackle the pressing issues of energy, water, waste and carbon emissions. We understand that implementations and changes are not always the easiest journey, but we aim to be transparent about the actions we take and the challenges we face.

At Connect PRKL we have been working hard to adapt our practices and adopt new ones, we highlight our progress and ongoing commitment. At a time when the Hospitality and Event industry is undergoing extensive transformation, we will evolve and grow while holding true to our core values as we develop and a relevant sustainability footprint in the Community we operate.

Acting with Responsibility :
Corporate responsibility values are deeply ingrained in Connect PRKL culture, and sustainability implications are carefully considered with each and every decision when selecting Events venues and working to new Business Partners.

For You :
The goal to deliver memorable experiences and our philosophy on how to do that is one of holistic care for your mind and spirit, and we work in a sustainable approach with our business partners to deliver the ultimate experience allowing you to relax in comfort and style. While “having fun” is a big part of our experience offering, we believe it should also extend to other parts of our lives. It’s the reason we introduce the five key principles program for social and business networking and Experiences are planned with in mind: beneficial, journey, serenity, reciprocity and well-being, meaning we tailor everything from the food you eat to the environments we offer to allow optimum productivity and help forge better networking.

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